Daycare is a great option for pups whose parents work long hours or for a pup who needs a little socialization! Dogs are separated for play by size and temperament. Puptown Lounge offers a climate controlled indoor play area and a 2700 square foot outdoor play area. Pups are provided with water throughout the day and make frequent outdoor trips. Each daycare area is monitored by trained staff members at all times. Every dog must wear a Break-Away collar. Puptown offers a variety of payment options and daycare plans. Puptown Lounge offers daycare services Monday – Friday 6:30a – 7p and Saturdays from 8a – 6p.



Daycare packages:

  • $130, 5 visits
  • $255, 10 visits
  • $500, 20 visits
  • The daycare packages make your pup’s visits cheaper, and they never expire. “Fast-Pack” pricing is available on a weekly basis with a “use it or lose it” policy. Inquire within for details.
  • We no longer allow “Half-Days” for daycare. Each visit will count as a full day of play, regardless of the time you pick up.



Required for all pups to play is proof of current vaccinations. Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper, Canine Influenza  (2 shot series with 14 days post second shot) must all be current to play (vaccine takes 28 days to complete).


We require that all pets at or above the age of seven months must be spayed or neutered. If your dog is younger than seven months, and is being disruptive to the play group, you will be asked to not return until your dog has been fixed. A friendly disposition is also required to play. For everyone’s safety please remember to bring your pet leashed.

Client Profiles

We need this packet filled out upon arrival of your pup’s first day. Click on the link below to access a printable version of the client profile packet.

Break-Away Adjustable Collar

Every dog is required to wear a Break-Away adjustable collar. This is required for your dog’s safety as well as our staff’s. The collars are available for purchase in the lobby.

First Day


On your pup’s first day we prefer to have your dog enter the daycare as early as possible. This means by 7:30AM Monday-Friday, and 8AM on Saturdays. This allows your dog to get acclimated with the building, the daycare space, and the attendant before the rest of their playpals arrive. If your dog is anxious or has no previous exposure to socialization, arriving early is critical. Entering the daycare is less intimidating with fewer dogs than entering daycare in “full-swing.” We recommend starting earlier in the week, Monday-Wednesday, or on Saturdays, when daycare is slower.


Have a copy of your dog’s vaccinations in hand, or you may have your vet fax them to us. Fax #: 614-488-3622

Client Profile

Have your profile filled out prior to arrival. The lobby is not that big, and can get congested quickly. Here is a printable link: For Daycare Pups.


For your first day, please call to make sure everything is in order. Be sure to have client profile in hand with proof of current vaccinations upon drop-off (if you haven’t brought them in already). We require you to use our reservation App for all daycare visits. If the date you are checking for is shaded red, then we are at capacity for the day. If the date is shaded green, then there is still availability to reserve your pup for daycare. If you have made a reservation through our “Daycare Reserve” App, you must cancel your reservation by 7 AM on the day of your selected date through your personal account in order to not be charged .  Top

Break-Away Adjustable Collar

Every dog is required to wear a Break-Away adjustable collar. This is required for your dog’s safety as well as our staff’s. The collars are available for purchase in the lobby.