Pet Grooming Services

We offer Full Dog Grooming services as well as Short Hair Baths. Prices vary depending on your dogs size & breed.

Please call or Log in to book/request Grooming Services.

All pups must be up to date with Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies and Canine Influenza Vaccines* to be able to be groomed with us.

*We understand there is a shortage in the area of this vaccine, please let us know if that is the case for you when booking.

Every Bath and Groom includes a whole Puptown Spa Day Experience with

  • Full body assessment (check for any matting, skin issues, etcetera) 
  • A three in one scrub down in the tub that includes a degreaser, hydration shampoo, and deep conditioner.
  • A tearless hypoallergenic facial to clean, brighten, and clear up any tear stains.
  • Ear Cleaning (pluck if needed)
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Checking their anal glands and expressing (if needed)
  • After their bath we use our high velocity dryers to dry, separate, and remove excess fur
  • Full body brush out to get rid of any matting and excess fur from shedding
  • Trimming and smoothing down nails as short as possible with nail clippers and dremel
  • Finally we add an optional spritz of cologne and a stylish bandana or bows.

Walk In Services

Available for walk-in service during open hours. Call ahead needed if after 3pm please.

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