Puptown Lounge, a family-owned and operated business based in Upper Arlington, Ohio, came into existence in 2008, thanks to the vision and dedication of siblings Sarah Himelstein and Cliff Boyden. Sarah, at the time, was employed as a sign language interpreter for the Columbus City Schools, while her younger brother, Cliff, was a sheriff’s deputy. Growing up, their home had been a hub for canine care, as their mother ran a dog grooming service out of their basement. Customers regularly dropped by, coming and going with their furry companions. As the children of entrepreneurs, they knew that, on weekends and during breaks from school, they would often find themselves lending a hand, becoming dog bathers when they weren’t in class.

Cheryl, their mother, had caught wind of a novel concept known as doggie daycare. She saw the potential and encouraged her entrepreneurial-minded children to explore the idea of starting a daycare business. With a generous $25,000 loan from their Grandpa, they embarked on their journey and opened the doors of Puptown Lounge doggie daycare on November 1, 2008. During those early days, Grandpa’s unwavering support was invaluable. He would visit nearly every day, offering not just financial assistance but also a wealth of ideas and, most importantly, encouragement to Sarah and Cliff. Within just a few years, their venture had become so prosperous that they were able to repay every dollar of their loan to Grandpa. Back then, grooming services were not on the menu, but as Sarah had learned the art of finishing grooms from her mother, they introduced grooming services in 2009. Remarkably, their mom, Cheryl, continues to play an active role in her children’s business, working as a groomer to this day.

Fast forward to the present, Puptown Lounge has expanded to include two locations and a standalone Grooming House. Their dreams for the future include further expansion, demonstrating their commitment to providing exceptional care and services to their loyal clientele and their beloved canine companions.