3 reasons why your dog should go to daycare

1. Dogs get lonely when they’re home alone!

There’s only so much a dog can do when they’re home alone, and then they simply get bored. This often leads to anxiety and then can become destructive to pass the time. Choosing dog daycare allows for socialization with daycare staff and other pups.

2. You don’t have to worry about letting anyone into your home

There’s always an option to hire someone to come to your house to take care of your pup, but that comes with uncertainty. Is your dog getting enough time outside? Is this person trustworthy? Will this person go through your belongings?

With daycare, you don’t have to worry about people in your home!

3. Exercise all day

Being stuck in the house all day can be tough on your dog.  And, too much laying around isn’t good for their health. At doggie daycare, your pup will be actively played with with our staff members and other dog friends. They can run around with other dogs, play fetch, and go on walks with staff. This will be beneficial for your dog’s health and emotional well-being. 


Sol Fabbro Designation

We love pup town lounge!! Our English bulldog, Poptart JUMPS out of the car every timer we pull up. She used to hate going to daycare, and boarding at other places. We're so happy we found Puptown lounge! The staff is so friendly and makes her feel so loved.

boxer playing with bubbles near a pool inside daycare
Stacia Hentz Designation

I've been a Puptown Lounge customer for several years. I use the daycare and grooming services. They are responsive to any special needs, indoor and outdoor play areas are clean. My girl can't wait to get there and comes home happy and tired from a fun day of play.Review Text

two boxer Sibling's cuddling at Puptown lounge dog daycare
Miranda Swartz Designation

We LOVE puptown LLC. My dog has only gone one day to the day care but they were so helpful and sweet. They let us tour the place and after our dogs first day, gave us a letter about how she was doing. The workers seemed very happy to see our babygirl at the day care. (We also bought one of the higher packages, making the price very nice.) Our girl has been sleeping practically since we got home. We will definitely continue to use their services.