August 2023

Kelsey the Great Pyrenees posting and smiling in the sun at Puptown Lounge Dog Daycare


Miss Kelsey at Kenny rd! This beautiful 6 year old Great Pyrenees travels a long distance to come hangout with her Best Friend, and fellow Dog of the Month, Scarlet H! When we asked our daycare attendant Sadie she had this to say! “She’s a sweet precious baby who loves to give smiles in the morning! She loves getting pets and cuddles and occasionally going for a dip in the pool”

Older lab named Bailey smiling at the camera at Puptown Lounge Dog Daycare

Bailey T

Miss Bailey T is Puptown legend, a yellow lab and a forever puppy! Age means nothing to this smiling sweet girl. You will often catch her trotting up to her favorite daycare attendants to get a good butt scratch and cuddles when she’s not finding the perfect place to take an afternoon nap.

July 2023


This 4 year old German Shepherd mix hangs out at our Riverside location. Rocco is a sweet boy that loves his momma, a good howl, and giving hugs and kisses to his favorite Puptown employees!


This 3 year old beagle mix is a Kenny regular. Sonny loves hanging out with his small pals at Puptown! When he is not chilling with his main pal Hailee, you can always find this Sonny Boy basking in the sunshine!

June 2023

A black and white Cavapoo sitting on top of a chair inside the small dog daycare room at Puptown Lounge Dog Daycare


Ike enjoys his days getting belly rubs, claiming the chair, sunbathing out in the yard, and getting cuddles from our staff!

Scarlet, a yellow lab hanging out at Puptown Lounge Columbus Ohio dog daycare

Scarlet Gray

Miss Scarlet loves hanging out with her best friend Kelsey, getting butt scratches from the staff, snuggles and getting her special treat at lunch!

April 2023

Small Basset Hound looking lovingly at the camera inside the small dog room at Puptown Lounge Dog Daycare Upper Arlington


Miss Maggie is everyone's best friend at our Riverside location. This almost 3 year old plays hard and sleeps harder! We are so honored to have this sweet girl at the Lounge.

Boxer giving a smirk at the camera at Puptown Lounge North Columbus on Kenny Rd


Mr. Dempsey requents our Kenny Rd location and has won the hearts of all the staff. He may be almost 7, but this boy plays like a 2 year old. When he is not giving his famous smirk, Dempsey loves to chill on his back in the sun beams.

January 2023

white doodle named Lucy Ann, Puptown Lounge dog of the month

Lucy Ann

Lucy Ann is a 13 year young good girl that started coming to Puptown in 2017 and a year later she became a big sister to Parker! Lucy is always down for cuddles and head scratches.

Golden Retriever named Parker, Puptown Lounge dog of the month


(aka: pickles or porker) Who is now 4 years old! Seemed like just yesterday he was a small pup and now he is taller than his sister! Parker will greet everyone with a BIG hug and all the kisses you can handle!

"Such a sweet pair, always brings a smile to my face whenever I see them at Puptown"

small brown chihuahua named Penny peeking her head out of a daycare employee's jacket


This girl may be little but she has one of the biggest personalities at Puptown! Penny started coming to play with us in 2022 but this 1 1/2 year old instantly captured our hearts with every wiggle of her excitement walking in the door! She enjoys snuggling with her more furrier friends or her favorite Puptown Employees. You may recognize this star for her viral video of her popping her head out from behind her pal!

"Penny is my favorite small dog! I carry her around in my jacket every chance I get!"

December 2022

Wanda Riverside Dog of the Month December '22


This sweet English Setter has been at Puptown Lounge Riverside since 2021! Wanda hasn't met a dog that isn't instantly her new pal! She gives the best hugs and always down for a snuggle! Congratulations Wanda!

She's the sweetest girl and the best cuddle bug!

Oscar and Louise

These two 10 year old Dachshund siblings have been with us at Puptown Lounge Kenny for a good while. They have captured our hearts from day one. You can always find these two either snuggled up getting cozy, or battling it out for who will be getting the most attention at daycare. Congratulations Oscar and Louise!

It always brightens my day to get to play with my favorite dynamic duo Oscar and Louise! <3